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Listen to samples from the album titled Walter's Birthday.
  1. Concrete Floor
  2. Bloody Blue And Grey
  3. Routine In The City
  4. Be That Way
  5. Seize The Day
  6. 1972
  7. Primal Union
  8. Tribute
  9. Lunatic Jam
10. Mad Crazy World

The album Walter's Birthday was created with musician & audio wizard st_robert. The band played together "live" in the studio to capture the essence of each tune. Then came the overdubs and pretty soon it was time to mix. With over 55 minutes of music, the album contains a tasty sampling of ten original songs, each one hand-crafted with the listener in mind.

The journey begins with the infectious groove of "Concrete Floor" and works through a variety of musical moods before closing with a rousing rendition of "Mad Crazy World". At the heart of the album you'll find a little gem called "1972" that pays homage to family, fun and organic farming. The remaining songs reflect the bands natural desire to explore a variety of musical styles while still maintaining a unified sound.

"Bloody Blue And Grey" examines the Civil War from a neutral perspective in that it's unclear which side the narator is fighting for. The band really finds their voice on "Lunatic Jam", a track that captures the magical moments that can sometimes be achieved with just the right blend of improvisation and inspiration.

The album Walter's Birthday will leave you wanting more.

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